Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend kicked off my last official week as a Virginian. I have been so busy lately, running errands and spending some quality time with my honey, loved ones and pup, on top of packing and going though all of our stuff (which has been crazy stressful). 



Beautiful lily’s I got my mother for her birthday! I love the smell of oriental lilies in the house. Waiting for the florist to wrap my bouquet she shared a few secrets with me:

1. Pull the pollen “buds” out of lily’s to prevent staining your clothes and furniture.

2. Before putting flowers in a vase lay them in the sink with the stems under running water. Cut the stems one by one at an angle under running water for maximum hydration.

3. Make sure there are no leaves or greenery in the water of the vase to prevent bacteria growth which can kill your bouquet. 



My new frames I picked up this weekend! Love them! You can check them out here.


When you tell all your friends you are moving they want to hang out all the time! I love it! Visiting friends and making new memories is pretty much my favorite thing. We had a great night playing pool at a little hole in the wall over the weekend. I lost…twice.


Not the best picture I know, but this log cabin is called the River Company my Aunt and her husband took us to for dinner over the weekend was beautiful. I ordered the prime rib and it was mouth watering with a cream horsey sauce. We also had some giant onion rings with a sweet ketchup. The best part about it all was the beer! It also had a brewery in the restaurant! We ordered a flight and I enjoyed the Farmhouse Hefeweizen. German style beers have always been my favorite, so smooth and full of flavor.



We finished up the weekend hiking Devil’s Marbleyard. Sunday started out as a beautiful day but as we continued to wander around the small town nestled in the mountains the weather took a turn for the worst. Determined to finish the day the way we had planned we hiked in the rain and cold, but decided not to climb the boulders at the end for safety reasons…I rewarded us when we got home with this veggie loaded lasagna, you can find the recipe here.


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