Weekend Wrap Up

This is more of a week wrap up! My last week in town has been crazy busy, so I didn’t get to post as often as I was originally planning. But here are a few of my favorite moments from this past week.


Brunch with pretty much the coolest two-year old I know (and his momma)! We had a great time catching up and I am so happy I made time to visit with them. Making time to fit in everyone I love has been tricky but you always know who your real friends are when you moving over 800 miles away in less than three weeks notice and make time for you last minute. This friend is spectacular and I know we will see each other again soon.

photo 1-2

Axle closing supervising the carpet cleaner. For more moving tips see here.

photo 5-1

Living in my sweats all week while cleaning, running errands and basically being super busy all week made me really want to dress up on Friday night for my last night on the town in Roanoke. I wore these shoes, and loved them! The kitten heel, pointy toe and nude color was perfect for jeans and nice blouse. I felt classy and sassy all at the same time.

photo 4-1

Saturday was a crazy day with our yard sale, we decided to reward ourselves with an extra-large pizza slice and a cold beer at one of our favorite spots.

photo 3-1

Enjoying simple moments like watching a train go by. Moving to Florida I am not sure if we will see trains quite as much as we do here in the heart of the Blue Ridge. We were making sure not to take advantage of any “homey” moment in Roanoke on my last weekend.

photo 1-1

It was a beautiful weekend and nothing like topping (or un-topping) in the Jeep to wind it down.


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