Moving Tips

Moving is stressful. The end. There is no getting around it. Between organizing your things, getting rid of some, and packing everything up into newspaper and cardboard, it can be overwhelming. I collected some tips along the way that may prove to be helpful for your next move, they certainly did for mine. *Please excuse the lack of pictures!*

Tip # 1

Use brown packing tape to make it easier to label boxes. Some boxes (see tip # 2) are colored and it can be difficult to see a fragile sign or the contents of the box, make sure to use a neutral tape, such as this one, to make things easier to see (especially if you have drafted some helpers who may not be totally familiar with your house or the moving process.



Tip # 2

You can find some really great boxes at the liquor store. They are perfect for glass ware, breakable items, and you can take out the inserts and have some good sized boxes in general. These boxes tend to be very colorful so using the tan packing tape discussed in tip # 1 is the best way to go. Just make sure you give your local liquor store a call before stopping in to be courteous and make sure they have plenty in stock.



Tip # 3

Another great place to find great picture boxes is your favorite home shopping store such as Pier One, Homegoods or World Market. These stores get shipments in at least once per week and that often includes GIANT picture boxes. If you are like me and love art, mirrors and anything else that cost way to much money and is very breakable this will definitely come in handy. Also, just make sure your stop by Sams Club or Costco and pick up a big roll of bubble tape to protect your artwork/mirrors even further. You can often stuff 3-4 pictures (depending how big in one of these boxes).



Tip # 4

Packing your spices in your crockpot seems like a crazy idea, but trust be it will save you valuable box space (because you will need tons of it for packing the kitchen). Just start placing your spices are your crockpot, pairing if you have to but make sure you can still close the lid.



Tip # 5

Putting your clothes in trash bags and lugging them 800 miles, sounds classy right? Well no, but it sure is easy! I found that just leaving my clothes hang in in my closet and the taking a trash bag and pulling it up all the way to the hanger and then tying it at the top made my life so much easier. It is easier to unpack clothes this way too! You may not get as much in one bag as you would individually folding each piece of clothing, but it will surely save you time.



Tip # 6

Clean your carpets before you move! It will make your life so much easier in the end. At first though it will be exhausting to think you have to dedicate a whole day, yes a whole day, to cleaning your darn carpets. When you are done roll them up and enjoy a nice clean house as soon as you move in!


Tip # 7

Relax. This will be over before you know it! Make sure to spend plenty of time with your loved ones and still do the things you enjoy. Make sure to pack boxes only on weekdays and when you do limit it to 2-3 boxes at a time so not to overwhelm yourself.


Hope my tips helped and enjoy your move and new home!



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