Here we go again…

Getting laid off from a job is miserable. Getting laid off from more than one job within a year is a nightmare.

I never thought it would happen to me. I couldn’t imagine a hard worker, over achiever such as myself ever have to face the reality of being laid off and escorted out the door. But it happened. Twice.

The first time was in October 2015. I was fresh in a new (and better) position with an international tech company. I had left my previous position and company on good terms, because I wanted to move up and the opportunity was not there for me. In the new job things were going well, I was getting respect from my co-workers, or earning my stripes. Getting there early and staying late to prove my worth and dedication. I had built a great relationship with my direct manager and couple of my co-workers. I had just pitched a new marketing strategy to the Marketing Director and began the work on a new video series. Things were going well.

I came in a Monday and there was lots of chatter about a press release the company had released that morning saying they were laying off 8% of the work force. My co-workers were freaking out but I tried to keep my cool (freaking out in my head). Moments later my boss came to my desk with a manila envelope and a horrible look on her face and I was too sure of what it meant. I stood and walked to a conference room across the building, watching my co-workers look of horror as the watched me walk past.

Sitting in the conference room I started crying. I couldn’t believe it, I was losing my job. After lots of tears, well wishes, and apologies from the HR Director (who hired me), and my boss, I was escorted out the building without being able to gather my items (which my boss later brought me over lunch). It was unreal. My husband tried comforting my the best he could, but I was a mess. I bought a plane ticket home to Virginia to put off my grieving process for about a week.

The same week I was in Virginia, my boss at my previous company reached out. He wanted to know what it would take to get me back. I told him and a couple weeks later I had start date at my previous company, with my previous boss (both which I loved). I was stoked! I had my literal dream job.

Things had been going great and after about 4 months, on April 4, I got a phone call from my boss saying that the company was selling. He didn’t know what it meant for me, but I did. The tears came again. How could this be happening to me again?!

Here I am about 3 weeks later. I have gotten my severance letter in the mail, and started the job search all over again. My last day is June 17th, the day after my birthday. It’s not easy, but this time around I stayed home and limited my grieving to about 3 days. Some days are harder then others, but I will prevail!

I am taking advantage over every possible resource to find a CAREER. If I can remember and find the time and I will keep this current and updated.


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