Products I Love

Several months ago I was wandering around the beauty section of my local Wholefoods. Not really looking for anything in particular, but knowing that I was about to be out of my face wash, at the time I was using Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean. There was nothing wrong with it, but felt maybe I should try something new.


I stumbled upon Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Cleansing Foam for Sensitive Skin. I had heard of the company before and was familiar with their philosophy of vegan, cruelty free, BPA free products and liked the idea of using something so organic and natural on my skin. So I bought the cleanser for about $10.


The first night I washed my face with this cleanser I could tell we were going to be buds. I love the small of the rose hip oil on my skin, it’s calming, refreshing, and perfect in every way. It makes washing my face enjoyable. I also ended up purchasing the face lotion, when my Aveeno Daily Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin ran out.

This duo has changed the skin on my face. I never break out because both products are created for sensitive skin and truly leave my face feeling fresh and light. I tried switching to a new cleanser I got in my Ipsy last month, and my face broke out immediately. For the price, this product is well worth a try. Andalou Naturals has several other skin care lines, so you will find the right one for your type of skin.

Cheers to happy skin!




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