The power of a to-do list

Whether you have issues with productivity or not, sometimes (especially if you work from home, like me) it can be difficult to stay on task. One way that I have managed to stay focused and finish a workday feeling accomplished is by incorporating a to-do list as part of my day.


Normally I will begin my work day around 8 AM. The first thing I do is open up my trusty notebook to a fresh, new page and put a date in the right corner. *Dating is important for when I need to reference back to something. 

I like to prioritize my tasks for each day in HIGH, MID, and LOW. I do not allow myself to put more tasks in the HIGH category than what can fit in the spaces that I have allotted for that particular day. Here is a rundown of how I determine which tasks get on which priority level:

HIGH – Must get done today or parts of projects that are due within the next 2 days. This also includes any emails I need to write.

MID – Things that need to get done by the end of the week, or within 3-5 days. Projects that are important but not pertinent particularly time sensitive.

LOW – Wish list items and things I would like to do if I have free time and get everything else done on my to-do list for that day. Also, I put expenses here that I need to file reports for within the next week or so.

If I do not accomplish everything on my HIGH or MID list for that day (it happens) I will move them accordingly the following day.


Something else that I do in this notebook, is take notes from meetings or conversations I have with clients/co-workers. It’s extremely convenient to have everything in one place (and it’s dated!).

This has been so helpful for me! Some days you just don’t know where to start and by clearing your head and putting everything down on paper it helps. I often will include random things I need to do around the house or in my personal life in a sidebar of that day so I can feel extra accomplished.

Nothing quite compares to crossing another item off your list…ahhhh.


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